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Welcome to your post-training
Getting Things Done® Library

Congratulations on successfully completing your Getting Things Done (GTD®) Training! 
You are now taking the first few steps into a more productive life.
To support your GTD journey and foster your learnings, we collected
 valuable resources for you. 

While our content continues to grow, you should already receive a five-week post-training email sequence.
In case, you do not receive any of these emails within one week of completing the training, please reach out to your respective contact person of the training.

What to expect from the GTD email series:

Reminders and checklists from
the training.


Videos with tips, impulses and ideas for GTD implementation.


Practice of specific use cases and questions from the training.

Take your GTD skills
to the next level!

For a limited time, we exclusively offer you the opportunity to access our partner Crucial Learning’s English GTD Learning Library. Discover a additional resources to deepen your GTD skills, including short videos, podcasts, GTD setup guides, and downloadable articles. It’s definitely worth a visit.

How to build your own GTD-System

Discover various setup guides (PDF, language indicated in parentheses) for popular tools used by most GTD enthusiasts to organize their systems.

Enjoy and achieve maximum success!